Procurement and E-Bidding Management software is the solution to manage the entire process from procurement request to tender management, development of bidding documents, bids, bid evaluation and contractor selection. 

The software allows direct bidding on the system to help businesses’ bidding work become more efficient, fair and transparent, and at the same time, it saves time, effort and cost for businesses. 

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Benefits of E-Bidding Software 

Simplify the bidding process 

The entire bidding process is optimized and simplified based on digital technology, starting from the preparation to the posting of the contractor selection plan, bidding documents, preparation and submission to the when opening bids and evaluating and announcing the results. 

Enhance transparency and information security 

  • All bidding information will be available on the system. 
  • Create an equal competitive environment for contractors when participating in online bidding. 
  • The contractor does not contact the investor directly, but the bid solicitor will post information online to track processes and reduce negative in bidding.

Connect contractors with bid packages

  • The online bidding system serves as an e-commerce platform. 
  • Help connect businesses with investors of public procurement projects. 

Save on bidding costs

  • The software will digitalize the entire bidding process. Therefore, the parties can spend fewer resources on bidding. 
  • Bidders can download the bidding documents for free on the system and do not have to pay fees for shipping, printing, and accommodation to participate in the bidding. 

Prominent features of E-Bidding Software 


The software allows businesses to make detailed plans from the construction of procurement proposals, bid estimate plans, estimate appraisals, etc. to help managers and businesses prepare the best plans for the bidding campaign. effective.

Procurement management function: The software has a data management function for inputting a procurement plan, including:

  • Plan year
  • Contents of the plan
  • Condition
  • Planning unit
  • Allows adding/editing/deleting/approving plans.

Estimation planning function: Allows building request for quotation, request for supplier

Information management of the estimate includes:

  • Estimated name
  • Purchase request number
  • Proposed unit

The function of evaluating and appraising cost estimates includes:

  • Basis for decision
  • Legal basis
  • Estimated effect
  • Result of evaluation

The software allows to extract the appraisal report of the estimate plan right from the system.


The software has the feature to manage all bid information including:

  • Bidding package name
  • Request a bid package
  • Type of contract
  • Bidding method
  • Related documents


The software has the function of managing contractor selection plans to help businesses easily:

  • Make a contractor selection plan for each bidding package
  • Form export and signator
  • Dividing the scope of work for each part of the bidding package

In addition to building a contractor selection plan, businesses also easily build and manage a set of bid evaluation criteria with the following information:

  • Select the evaluation type applicable to the bidding package
  • Select evaluation method for each type of assessment
  • Set evaluation criteria for each type of assessment


The software includes a management feature of Bidding Documents/Requirements to help businesses perform all business processes on a single system, such as: 

  • Drafting Bidding Documents/Requirements 
  • Export the form and submit it for signature 
  • Prepare a report on the Evaluation of Bidding Documents 


Software to manage invitation for tender and quotation with the following operations: 

  • Drafting of invitation for tender and quotation 
  • Export the form and submit it for signature 
  • Send the document to the contractor


The function of managing bid invitation notices helps businesses simplify operations, such as: 

  • Drafting notice of invitation to bid, a notice of extension 
  • Set up notification templates 
  • Post notices on the portal 
  • Select the language for notifications 


Effective support software for businesses Manage all bidding package information on the portal with the following features:

  • Register your interest
  • Issuance of Bidding Documents/Dossier of Requirements
  • Monitor the status and announcement of the bidding package

Enterprises can update and manage the handling of clarification questions about the bidding documents/requirements on the system quickly:

  • Receive inquiries about requests for clarification of bidding documents/requirements from contractors
  • Respond to contractor clarification questions
  • Drafting documents to clarify the bidding documents/requirements
  • Form export and signator
  • Monitor the progress of responding to questions with contractors


Software to manage all bids / proposals of contractors with the following operations:

  • Posting of Bids/Proposals, Payment Authorizations
  • Receive bids from contractors
  • Coding Bids/Proposals


The software delivers a feature to manage all bidding contract information on the system with high security, helping businesses to be simple and streamlined in administration. 

Management of general information about the bidding package includes: 

  • Contract form 
  • Contract term 
  • Warranty period 
  • Delivery term 
  • Information about the winning contractor 
  • Payment methods 
  • Documents to be submitted 
  • Terms of payment 

In particular, the software also has the function of exporting forms, submitting for signatures and emailing contract drafts to contractors.



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