SiciX Technology – The journey of growing into the star in the technology market

The Covid-19 pandemic has strongly impacted on the economy and businesses across all industries and fields. The challenges of the pandemic and the 4.0 technology revolution have prompted businesses to seize opportunities and find solutions and appropriate directions to survive and scale.

On that foundation, SiciX Technology Joint Stock CompanySiciX Technology was born with the criterion of innovating, always being creative to affirm the difference, and confidently bringing quality digital products and services to help resolve every management problem. SiciX is a lever to support the comprehensive development of enterprises.

Mission statement

SiciX provides digital transformation solutions, software development, mobile application design and provides high-quality IT human resources to satisfy all customer needs and requirements, resolve business management problems and at the same time promote the comprehensive development of enterprises.

Vision statement

SiciX strives to become a trusted unit of every organization and business in consulting services for digital transformation solutions and deploying software products based on IT knowledge.

Core values


Honesty, proper handling, important.


Respect yourself, respect colleagues, respect the Company, respect partners, cooperate with respect.


Fair with employees, fair with customers, fair with suppliers, fair with stakeholders.


Respect established ethical standards and act responsibly.


Comply with the Law, comply with the code of conduct and the Company’s regulations, policies and regulations.


Flexible, ready to change in a positive direction to adapt to all situations.

SiciX transformation solution

How to conduct a successful and effective digital transformation?

Which solution can meet the requirements of the business?

SiciX Technology, a leading provider of a comprehensive enterprise digital transformation software ecosystem and high-quality IT human resources, will support all businesses on their digital transformation journey.


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Reasons to choose SiciX Technology

  Develop applications on a single platform

  Integrate multi-platform, multi-system

  Customize according to each business’s requirements

  A team of reputable & experienced consultants

  Good operating support system

  Operate on Cloud AZure, AWS…

  Easy to use