The Balance Scorecard module (X-BSC) is a management system aimed at establishing, implementing, and monitoring the achievement of the organization’s strategies and goals in a well-organized manner. 

The software measures and evaluates the performance of the organization on the basis of 4 aspects: Finance, customer, internal processes, learning & growth.

Indicator management
  • Indicators of economic efficiency
  • Indicators of social performance
  • KPIs
  • Follows various analysis dimensions such as vertical, space, input-output, business similarity, etc.
Strategic management

Strategic management helps businesses develop within a certain plan

  • Situation analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Strategy implementation
  • Evaluation and control
Long-term planning management

Supports enterprises in the implementation, allocation of goals and plans by year, quarter and month to clearly develop the strategy of the enterprise.

Budgeting management

Help managers build more feasible and effective budget plans. 

  • Classification of expenses
  • Determination of expense types
  • Identifying errors, budget fluctuations, making forecasts and creating the right conditions
  • Calculating return on investment
  • Planning for cost savings based on information technology trends.
Revenue planning management

Help businesses control input and output, avoiding loss due to revenue recognition when customers have not paid.

  • Reporting detailed and complete business activities by date/month/year including full details on: time, working schedule, discount program, promotions, etc.
  • Reporting revenue and expenditure on a daily basis.
  • Warehouse management: Including detailed information on: quantity, product code, etc.
  • Easy debt management
Asset investment planning management
  • Determining the current financial situation of the business
  • Risk analysis of different types of investments
  • Creating a specific investment roadmap
  • Determining the liquidity of the asset
  • Planning
  • Monitoring, control and evaluation of the planning process
Human resource planning management

Helps businesses easily MANAGE ALL personnel of the organization following a tight and well-organized process; OPTIMIZE deployment resources, increase labor efficiency.

  • Evaluation of the goals that the business needs to achieve
  • Identifying harmful factors
  • Analyzing the current state of the HR department
  • Performing vulnerability analysis
  • Providing solution to plan development
Cash flow planning management

Helps ensure the balance and matching of cash inflows and outflows for business operations.

  • Planning the movement of the generated cash flow in and out of the business
  • Incorporating best outsourcing management practices
  • Strong and safe physical and data security
  • Delivering projects on time within budget
Analysis report

Fully provides the following on the system:

  • Balance sheet
  • Business performance report
  • Cash flow statement: cash inflows and outflows
Management report
  • Providing general information on the company to managers
  • Supplementing financial statement information that has not been provided
  • Ensuring the business is on track to achieve its goals and plans