IBM Maximo solution – A Comprehensive view of enterprise infrastructure & asset management

The challenges of the 4.0 technology revolution have posed for most businesses, especially manufacturing enterprises, the problem of building a thorough and efficient infrastructure and asset management process. As a result, this plays an extremely important role, directly determining the quality and productivity that businesses create.

To solve the above problem and situation, in your opinion, which solution is really suitable for businesses in the current period?

Let’s decipher the comprehensive view of IBM Maximo Asset Maintenance Management solution with SiciX below

What is IBM Maximo Solution? 

IBM Maximo is a complete suite of integrated solutions on one platform, remote asset monitoring, maintenance management with reliability applications. IBM Maximo supports all types of assets, configurable to meet the unique management requirements of each business. 

Challenges businesses are facing in Asset Management

  • Difficulty tracking asset location, performance, and availability
  • Need to reduce asset operating and maintenance costs 
  • Asset maintenance is still limited
  • The deployment and integration of IT applications into smart physical asset management still face many barriers from process, technology to deployment personnel.
  • The (legal) requirements for Safety, Health, Environment (HSE) are increasing day by day

To stay competitive in today’s volatile business environment, businesses must establish innovative strategies to sustain production through maximizing value from their assets. It has been proven that manufacturing enterprises around the world can achieve significant cost benefits in their production and business activities by implementing the IBM Maximo EAM solution.

Benefits IBM Maximo EAM Solution brings to businesses

For industry

  • Reduce machine downtime by 5-20%
  • 10-20% increase in human resource efficiency
  • Reduce inventory costs by 20-30%
  • 3-5% increase in device stability 

For manufacturing businesses

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Increase the uptime of machines and assets
  • Early warning of equipment failure
  • Minimize maintenance costs, thereby optimizing costs and human resources based on determining asset status
  • Increase first-time repair efficiency and personnel efficiency 

For departments

  • The executive board will have an overall view and control at the organizational level, the system allows for better decision support
  • Procurement managers can view costs and orders as a whole for factors such as price comparisons, discounts, process standardization, and order tracking.
  • The head of contract management can see contracts involving high-value assets; negotiate terms with the NCC and monitor its performance
  • Finance manager can see all inventory data and analyze return on assets to prepare financial statements
  • The head of legal department can review assets in detail to ensure legality and minimize risk
  • Operations manager can monitor asset status to improve asset utilization/optimization 

SiciX Technology is an important “GOLD PARTNER” of IBM Corporation authorized to directly consult, deploy and provide Maximo EAM solutions for businesses, domestic and regional partners. With a team of experienced IT experts, we have successfully implemented IBM Maximo EAM solution for many leading enterprises in the fields of: energy, manufacturing, construction, transportation, oil and gas, hydropower, etc

SiciX Technology affirms the deep trust of its partners and existing position by making great strides on the path to realizing all goals. In addition to IBM’s solutions,SiciXalso provides an Argument Transformation Software Ecosystem with many preeminent features to helpbusinesses succeed in digital transformation.

To solve the problems and challenges that your business is facing in asset maintenance and maintenance, please contact SiciX Technology’s expert team here:



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