The “GOLDEN” principle when designing a mobile app with standard UI/UX

In the era of mobile devices that are developing strongly and dramatically, App Mobile is no longer strange to users. To be able to reach more customers, owning a Mobile App for a business  is extremely necessary, especially the Mobile App design needs to be close, convenient and attractive to customers.  To own a standard version of Mobile App UI/UX, design professionals and businesses need to firmly grasp some

IBM Maximo solution – A Comprehensive view of enterprise infrastructure & asset management

The challenges of the 4.0 technology revolution have posed for most businesses, especially manufacturing enterprises, the problem of building a thorough and efficient infrastructure and asset management process. As a result, this plays an extremely important role, directly determining the quality and productivity that businesses create. To solve the above problem and situation, in your

Tips for designing websites with SEO standards

To increase organic website visits , increase brand credibility and save costs; Every business is trying to design a website with its own features , beautiful and attractive design . Therefore , in order to evaluate a good website , it is necessary to follow the principles and standard SEO website design is to comply with those principles.    So, what are those standard SEO design criteria? Domain Name: The domain name set needs to be related to

Benefits of professional website design

In the current 4.0 era of strong development, the website is no longer a strange thing for all Internet users today. Therefore, the website is the most popular tool to reach customers from businesses. However, we cannot indiscriminately design websites that are not aesthetically pleasing and ineffective. Because when looking at website design is looking at the brand face of the business. So why need professional website design? What are the benefits of

Benefits of professional mobile app design

In today’s mobile world development era, mobile app is one of the most important and popular tools. Therefore, businesses should approach customers by designing for their business a mobile application dedicated to the field, product, system that the business is pursuing. Why is mobile app design so important? Let’s find out the benefits with SiciX:   With the strong appeal of mobile, it is indispensable for mobile applications to operate all operations to

SiciX – The #1 mobile app design solution in the market

Is your business looking for a Mobile App design unit? Does your business need a partner to provide Mobile App design service “QUALITY – PROFESSIONAL – ON TIME DELIVERY”? If you pass by here, you must call  #SiciX right away! Our team of design experts owns many years of experience in designing Mobile App applications for

5 suggestions to help small and medium businesses grow in 2023

Work-life balance for employees, digital transformation, increasing “catch the trend” is the suggestion of experts for Vietnamese small and medium enterprises. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a key pillar in the global economy – accounting for 90% of businesses and more than 50% of the workforce, according to the World Bank. According to the Vietnam

What is ChatGPT doing for people?

ChatGPT can act as a “virtual wife”, write a newspaper, pass Google’s programming test, even compose a speech for the President. ChatGPT , launched at the end of 2022, attracts thanks to its natural interoperability, answering a variety of questions but controversial when providing false and inaccurate information. However, according to some experts, the potential of AIs

7 most effective project management software in 2022

Your project is in a state of “everyone is concerned”, you spend too much time asking your subordinates about the progress, have to process a bunch of related papers every day… If you are in this situation, Project Management software will be a solution to help you solve the above problems . With the strong development of information