Process Digitalization Software  

Process digitalization is a solution to transform and upgrade all operating processes, work processes and business activities of enterprises from traditional to digital environments. This transformation helps businesses to improve work productivity, save costs and enhance product quality. This solution stands as a solid foundation for successful business digital transformation. 

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Benefits of Process Digitalization Software 

Monitor, measure and evaluate the work performance 

Manage workflows and processes on a single digital platform. 

Monitor work performance to make timely adjustments when problems arise or update processes if necessary. 

Save time and improve work efficiency 

Digitalize internal and coordination processes between departments to move towards a paperless office. 

Processes are managed and approved on the system by simple and fast operation. 

Increase transparency 

Users are able to digitalize and publish processes to all parties. This will ultimately resolve the situation of “blaming” between departments when errors arise in the implementation. In addition, the performance will go more smoothly because members all understand the procedure. 

Reduce the risk of planning failure and promote a proactive and effective work culture for the staff. 

Make decision quickly 

Well-established and highly logical digitized processes assist leaders or deciders: 

  • Make decisions and run the business more smoothly 
  • Ensure all critical business operations are carried out full-time and in compliance with the law 


Prominent features of Process Digitalization Software 


The software manages the document flow from receiving, assigning, and processing to approving, storing and distributing documents to corresponding units, and at the same time: 

  • Combine with ECM systems for intelligent records management 
  • Support for the digital signatures to enhance security in all or some of the required process steps 
  • Sort by document type, urgency and security 


The software allows businesses to manage the entire process of borrowing/returning documents with features and professional knowledge like a library in an enterprise. 

  • Provide information about the borrower, time to borrow/return, documents, etc. 
  • Decentralize the flow of borrowing/returning documents 
  • The status of borrowing/returning documents is updated on the system 


Process digitization software effectively supports users in performing financial-related business processes, such as pre-payment, refund and payment. 

  • The system supports connecting with other modules to get employee information, accounts or levels to serve financial and accounting work. 
  • The software combines with ECM to store and manage accompanying documents or invoices. 
  • Use in combination with electronic signatures for steps to be digitally signed. 
  • Users can view the details of the steps in the process and where and who is responsible for the profile. 


The software includes features to support project teams to manage project work according to the process, such as: 

  • Create, approve and monitor work according to WBS. 
  • Create, approve, and monitor resources according to the resource plan. 
  • Prepare, approve and manage expenses according to the cost plan. 
  • Detailed work control to each task, every hour. 


Digitalizing the HR process to support personnel and departments in related activities from the time the employee has not officially joined the company until the time they leave the company, such as: 

  • Recruitment process. 
  • Process of dispatching/receiving personnel. 
  • Leave process. 
  • Termination process. 

Depending on the nature of each business, users can modify the processes to meet the requirements of the unit. 


The software supports issues related to office administration (Back Office). 

The software is linked with other systems to support users to perform tasks quickly, saving time and effort. 

The system supports users with processes such as: 

  • Process of providing equipment and stationery. 
  • Process of registration and handling of services. 
  • Process of booking meeting rooms and shared equipment. 



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