SiciX digital transformation software ecosystem

The 4.0 technology revolution and the digital transformation era have posed many opportunities and challenges for every business.

  • How to optimize operational capabilities?
  • How to enhance the customer experience in the digital environment?
  • What solution to enhance the information system capacity?

Deploying digital transformation requires businesses to have appropriate solutions and roadmaps.

Originating from that urgent need, SiciX has researched and developed a digital transformation software ecosystem that covers various aspects of business management. Our solution owns outstanding modules such as Task Management, Human Resource Management, E-Office, Customer Relationship Management, Financial Accounting, And E-Bidding. With our ecosystem, businesses can transform their operations, processes and systems into digital assets that create value for their customers, partners and employees.

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SiciX builds a system that focuses on the ability to customize according to the user’s preferences. This aims to serve the diverse management needs of business models.

Businesses can control work packages, projects, and teams with a system that allows them to create tasks, reports or processes most easily, suitable for the management culture of each company.


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E-office is a shared software solution that integrates all applications for management, information exchange and internal administration. E-Office is designed as an internal social network, a channel for interaction, and fast, timely and professional information transmission.


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SiciX human resource management software helps businesses easily optimize the capacity of personnel, increase labor productivity; increase employee satisfaction; standardization of operational processes, strict management on a system through which well control of cash flow and costs; optimize management activities according to company policies; enhance data security through the mechanism of assigning access rights for users.Integrating reporting tools; Data is collected in real time to help managers make timely and accurate decisions.


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Procurement and E-Bidding Management software is the solution to manage the entire process from procurement request to tender management, development of bidding documents, bids, bid evaluation and contractor selection.

The software allows direct bidding on the system to help businesses’ bidding work become more efficient, fair and transparent, and at the same time, it saves time, effort and cost for businesses.


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Finance and Accounting management software is designed to help businesses operate financial accounting tasks quickly and effectively with automation technology. By utilizing this module, companies can save costs, optimize resources, and eliminate traditional management methods.


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Customer relationship management software is a comprehensive solution designed to support businesses in customer management, optimizing customer care processes, increasing customer experience and building customer loyalty.

The solution possesses many features such as Customer 360 to help business manage customer data and build effective care and service plans.


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Production management is a solution designed to manage all production and business activities associated with factories and workshops in the enterprise, directly participating in planning and monitoring the progress of the company. production process to ensure the delivery of goods on time, meeting the quantity and quality standards as planned.


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Maintenance management is software that helps businesses easily monitor and manage the status of maintenance and maintenance of equipment and assets by item of machine, equipment and area.

The software helps businesses control the service quality of the maintenance unit, ensuring transparency and service quality, thereby reducing risks and saving costs for businesses.


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Consolidated plan management is a solution built to establish, implement, and monitor the achievement of the organization’s set goals and strategies in a scientific manner.

This software helps businesses to plan business activities, production, finance, human resources, CRM, ERP and other areas efficiently and comprehensively.


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