Customer relationship management software is a comprehensive solution designed to support businesses in customer management, optimizing customer care processes, increasing customer experience and building customer loyalty

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Benefits of Customer Relationship Management 

Easily access and manage customer data

The software helps businesses access information quickly and efficiently and ensures the accuracy of the information. 

The information is organized and stored systematically, making the searching and processing faster and more accurate. 

Save time and money 

The software will resolve the entire problem of automating the customer care process. The customer management process shall become effortless, and businesses shall reduce errors in the information management process. 

Boost sales

CRM software allows users to aggregate and analyze information from customer activities across marketing channels. Businesses shall manage data and access customer information quickly and accurately, contributing to increasing the close rate and sales efficiency.

Access anytime, anywhere 

CRM software is built and developed on the mobile version besides the web version to ensure that users are able to access essential data wherever they are and update customer information to the system in a timely manner. 


Prominent features of Customer Relationship Management 

Build content and marketing campaigns that automatically engage through email, web, advertising and mobile devices. 

Prepare marketing scenarios to reach multi-channel customers with different goals and frequencies to evaluate and measure marketing effectiveness. 


The software has features that allow building overall marketing strategies. Thereby dividing the overall strategy into campaigns including the following information: 

  • Campaign information 
  • Campaign goal 
  • Budget 
  • Manpower 
  • Activities


CRM is able to build a sales plan with specific targets and indicators assigned to each business unit or salesperson. 

In addition, businesses can extract sales data of each unit and personnel to compare and evaluate the plan and reality according to the previously declared formula. 

All sales activities are also updated and stored on the system to track the sales staff’s working progress with a specific customer, including information about calls, appointments, emails, jobs. …

In particular, users can quickly input information about potential customers, sales opportunities or customer interaction activities on mobile devices such as Smart Phone, Tablet…

Then the data will be automatically synchronized with the Webclient system, easy for management.


Based on the list of current customers, the software will analyze and evaluate potential customers via established criteria, thereby managing information about customers and the products and services they are interested in. 

The management information includes: 

  • Contact 
  • Products of interest 
  • Level of interest 


The software develops sales opportunity management features based on the SWOT analysis tool and analyzes the status of such sales opportunities. 

The management information includes: 

  • Customer information 
  • Products of interest 
  • Sales stages: Process, activity, appointment, discussion and documentation associated with the opportunity 
  • Probability of success 

Besides, CRM software designs another feature to manage all contracts with business customers. Therefore, managers can monitor the processing status and progress of each contract. 

The management information includes: 

  • Validity of contract 
  • Contract value 
  • Representatives of the parties sign the contract 


CRM software integrates the quotation and contract management function for all customers of the business on the same system. 

The management information includes: 

  • Validity of the quotation 
  • Total Price & Discount 
  • All information related to customer concerns 

The management information on the invoice includes: 

  • Invoice information 
  • Payment for the period 
  • Invoice values 
  • Date of invoice 


The software provides the feature to manage all invoices according to each contract or contract appendix signed with customers.  

In the past, invoices and documents were stored in hard copies, but integrating all invoice information into the system now smooths the management, search and extraction data process. 


Customer Relationship software provides the Customer 360 feature to help the customer care team thoroughly capture customer information, transactions, contracts, and orders that customers have been making. 

  • Customer 360 will automatically identify customers according to two criteria: Phone number and Identification documents (Tax code, Citizen Identification). 
  • Customer data will be synchronized according to 2 mechanisms: real-time and T-1 from the CRM and Business system. 
  • All customer data information is on a single screen, supporting businesses to track and find information

Besides, support requests from customers are also synchronized from third-party, web portals or Omni-Channel systems. 

The process and status of the ticket will be synchronized two-way from the SiciX to the satellite systems, helping employees and managers easily monitor the processing of customer request feedback. 


In particular, the CRM system also develops the OMNI-CHANNEL multi-channel communication. 

This feature helps the customer service team to receive and communicate with customers on multi-channel and multimedia. The system also integrates, connects and displays all communication methods on a single screen: 

  • Chat 
  • Phone call 
  • Message 

The Omni-channel function is displayed on the working screen of Customer Service to help contact and work continuously. 



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