7 most effective project management software in 2022

Your project is in a state of “everyone is concerned”, you spend too much time asking your subordinates about the progress, have to process a bunch of related papers every day… If you are in this situation, Project Management software will be a solution to help you solve the above problems .

With the strong development of information technology, more and more software systems have been born to help managers do their work more easily and simply in the way of planning, allocating, coordinating and Strictly control all project implementation activities. So, what is Project Management software? What are the benefits of using the software?

  1. Understanding Project Management

Project Management software is used to manage all activities arising in the work of individuals, projects or functional departments, helping companies and project owners to manage closely from planning and estimating steps. expenses to arranging personnel, resources, monitoring progress and efficiency of work, etc., in order to solve difficulties in the process of performing and managing work at the enterprise, the ultimate purpose of increasing productivity productivity, work efficiency, cost optimization, and maximum profit for the business.

2. Benefits of using Project Management software

Project Management Software helps administrators:

✅Project planning.

✅Allocate work efficiently on just one screen.

✅Capturing the big picture helps project stakeholders have a common direction.

✅Assist in the detection of project risks.

✅Improve the working efficiency of the staff, enhance the competitiveness in the market.

✅Build an open working environment, bring members together, increase collaboration and promote effective teamwork.

3. 7 most effective Project Management software in 2022

Top 1: SiciX’s X-PM Project Management Software

Project management software X-PM helps businesses improve project management efficiency, closely monitor project progress anytime, anywhere. Support managers and employees to make work faster, easier, more creative and effective.

With 4 main goals, SiciX focuses and focuses on development in Project Management: Project information management, project schedule management, project budget management and project resource management.

Outstanding features integrated in X -PM SiciX Project Management Software :

1. Smart planning

🔰Organize work items, allocate human resources across departments, set schedules on a unified platform.

2. Multi-dimensional management

Project organization, independent reporting, multi-dimensional work tracking, smart progress alerts.

🔰Project overview management with Dashboard

🔰Manage project tasks in the form of a list

🔰Manage projects with resource allocation tables

🔰Project management using Kanban

🔰Project management using Gantt chart

3. Flexible customization

🔰Assign usage rights on each function to each object. Flexible construction of data fields. Options to display progress boards, to-do lists and drag-and-drop boards.

4. User-friendly interface

🔰No installation required, detailed user manual included

🔰Users easily grasp the operation flow

🔰Businesses deploy quickly

🔰Regardless of the number of locations and departments

5. Automated reporting

Progress charts, task lists, productivity spreadsheets of each job, individual, department, project are automatically published.

🔰Accurate, intuitive data graphs

🔰Control the success of projects

X-PM is considered as the most suitable software for Vietnamese businesses, because it was built by a team of experienced engineers in Vietnam.

SiciX X-PM Project Management Software is an effective assistant for managers in assigning tasks, tracking progress and measuring employee productivity automatically. Thanks to SiciX’s unified platform, businesses not only save time on reporting, cut costs, but also optimize workflow to increase sales efficiency.

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