A year of Vietnam ‘Digital transformation: Many positive impressions’

In the context of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and life transition to the new normal, Vietnam is among the leading countries in digital transformation during the COVID-19 era.

One year after the Prime Minister’s Directive 01 on developing technology enterprises, the number of new technology enterprises appearing is nearly 13,000, equivalent to 28% of the past 30 years.

At the Vietnam Digital Technology Business Development Forum on the morning of December 23, the message “Make in Vietnam” was once again affirmed, Vietnam will not choose to be the world’s great factory, will not It is not a market of 100 million workers, outsourcing, assembly, etc., but Vietnam will rise to join the leading group.

2020 is a difficult year for the global economy, however, Vietnam is one of the bright spots when it maintains positive growth. All economic and social activities are interrupted for a short time, but quickly return to the new normal state, especially with the progress of technology enterprises.

“Vietnamese people’s aspiration is to step on their own, master technology, it is important to actively create new solutions, actively design and create new products that contain the content and wisdom of Vietnamese people. Nam”, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam affirmed.

After 1 year, “Make in Vietnam” is no longer a slogan but has become a guideline for the actions of the digital business community. Large enterprises have, in turn, transformed models, approached and mastered core technologies.

Even in 2020, Vietnamese businesses have gradually mastered the latest technologies in the world such as 5G, Big Data, AI… According to Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung, digital technology businesses will continue to be the vanguard and the core of the national digital transformation strategy. The target of 100,000 digital technology enterprises by 2030 can be achieved soon by 2025.

Mobilizing resources of the whole society for digital transformation

In the context of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and life transition to a new normal, nearly 40 national digital transformation platforms have been born, such as Bluezone, NcoV or national data platforms. Datagov… Vietnam is one of the leading countries in digital transformation during the COVID-19 era.

According to Minister Nguyen Manh Hung, if you do not master technology, if you do not “Make in Vietnam”, it is difficult to do so, because today quick response is a vital factor. COVID-19 is both a difficulty and a push to bring Vietnamese businesses out of the old inertia and accelerate digital transformation.

The world’s major technology companies are all 20 years ahead of leading technologies, data accumulation, and machine learning applications.

According to experts, in order to catch up and bring leading technologies into the national digital transformation process, Vietnam will need to mobilize resources from the whole society.

Cooperation, shaking hands between businesses has become a trend. Each enterprise has a solution to solve a common problem of society and the country.

In addition, promoting information security to protect Vietnamese people in the digital space is also an important task. Up to now, Tuyen Nam has owned 90% of products in the field of network security. There are products that have reached absolute international standards with a score of 100%.

On the afternoon of December 23, in open discussion sessions, many leading experts in digital technology made plans for Vietnam to break through faster, taking advantage of the momentum of digital transformation in society to continue to change and create generate new values. The government also places great trust in the digital technology community, with the goal that in the coming years digital growth will have to double the overall growth of the economy.

According to VTV.vn

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