Bold laughter in the birthday party of SiciX employees in June – July

Yesterday, July 27, 2023, the birthday party for employees in June & July was held at the Headquarters of SiciX Hanoi and SiciX Hai Phong in a very cozy and intimate atmosphere.
Members not only receive meaningful gifts and wishes, but also participate in the mini game – LUCKY DRAW to find out the lucky character who owns the privilege of giving gifts to special characters of the company. party.
❤️❤️If Huyen Trang of SiciX Hai Phong was the lucky character to enter the challenge of singing and dancing ONE DUCK in the quiet version on the 30th night before giving gifts to Ms. Thanh Huyen, at the Hanoi bridge, Ms. Uyen Bui brought it. a very different version DUCK SWIMMING IN OIL WATCH – FIRE WATCH to dock to give gifts to Ms Minh Huong.
❤️❤️The party was still full of laughter with the challenge given to the couple Viet Cuong – Van Tuan when they both had to cover their eyes and still take care of each other to eat all the yogurt boxes – Believe that yesterday’s yogurt box was probably the The best ever, Tuan Nguyen?
❤️❤️And yet, the final challenge called the couple Anh Toi – Quynh Anh, the lucky guy took on the challenge of finding a red heart in a small room with the eight directions of the guiding team. , turning left, turning right, finally Anh Toi turned the car to find the destination of the ball.
Let’s sing the song “Happy Birthday” together, give each other smiles and best wishes for the new age. Those are the good feelings about a “big family of SICIX” united and attached at the birthday party of June & July yesterday. This is also a great motivation for each individual to promote their full potential, contributing to the overall development of the company.
Let’s take a look back at the great moments of yesterday’s birthday party at SiciX!

🎊🎊Once again, I wish all members a birthday in June & July: “Wishing you all to be healthy, full of energy, enthusiasm and success in work and life. To build together SiciX to grow stronger and stronger.”


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