Is workspace management really important?

Previously, managers spent a lot of time and effort using multiple platforms and devices to manage their unit’s workspace. If you want to assign specific work to any individual or department, it is imperative that they come to the place or meet face-to-face to discuss.

However, with SiciX’s Workspace Management software, all problems will be flexibly handled on a single screen.

The workspace helps managers track the entire work from the overview to the details of each individual and department on the screen. Optimize work processing time, increase staff performance.

With a team of experienced professionals in the world’s advanced IT field, SiciX Workspace Management software is integrated with the following outstanding features:

1. Featured message board

Organize posts by timeline, highlight important posts and employee birthdays for the month.

2. Easy job assignment

Assign people to handle work, monitor work progress, warn overdue/due work

3. Multi-format storage

– Support upload and store multi-format documents: word, excel, pdf, rar, MP4, …

– Easily set privacy on each folder with each user group

4.Flexible customization

Assign usage rights on each function to each object. Easily configurable with each type of post and action.

5. User-friendly interface

No installation required, detailed user manual included

– Users easily grasp the operation flow

– Enterprises deploy quickly

– Regardless of the number of locations and departments

With the above features, the manager will save a lot of working time and effort, all jobs big and small will be supported by SiciX as a quick and effective assistant.

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