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Digital transformation plays an increasingly important role for businesses and all areas of life in the 4.0 revolution. And for successful digital transformation, it is essential for businesses and organizations to innovate and equip themselves with modern information technology systems.

However, not all businesses have sufficient resources to build a sustainable IT system.

Therefore IT Outsourcing services are an increasingly popular option for many businesses. This is a service that not only helps businesses operate their information technology systems efficiently but also saves costs most optimally
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What is IT Outsourcing Service??

IT Outsource service, also known as IT Outsourcing service, is a service to hire external IT personnel to take on the task of managing, operating, and troubleshooting IT services at the enterprise. Currently, IT Outsourcing service has become a comprehensive solution to help businesses solve IT system problems effectively.

Why should you choose IT Outsourcing service??

First: Save money

When choosing to develop their own IT team, businesses will need to spend a lot to cover different aspects such as recruitment and staff management costs, monthly salary and welfare costs, advanced training costs, infrastructure investment costs for specialized equipment, etc. In addition, depending on the development trend of technology, enterprises must also continue to invest to maintain the work quality and efficiency.

In contrast, when hiring IT Outsourcing services, enterprises only need to choose a service package that suits their needs and financial capabilities. Use the Software OutSourcing service when they need, and stop when they no longer do – that’s how businesses won’t have to pay any other costs.

Second: Ensure quality and efficiency

In fact, not every IT employee is proficient in all IT tasks. In terms of programming languages ​​alone, some excel in HTML/CSS, others are good at PHP, while some specialize in Java, C++, etc.

Therefore, when tasks arise, the team in charge at the company may not be able to complete the assigned tasks well. In many cases, they are rarely updated with new technology and equipment is not invested, which limits their capacity and work efficiency.

If you choose an IT Outsourcing service, the above problems will be completely solved. You can always find outsourcing staff with the right expertise for your assignment. They will be the ones who ensure the actual work quality, giving you complete peace of mind and time to perform other more important tasks of your enterprise.

Third: Catch up with technology trends

The use of IT Outsourcing services helps businesses be constantly updated with new types of information technology, keeping business management and operation process optimized and more efficient.

IT experts are constantly updating modern technology and looking for ways to apply it to the enterprise’s IT system. Enterprises will get to use the most advanced technology, minimizing safety risks and other breakdowns.



1. Outsourcing service

With software outsourcing services, SiciX’s team only undertakes one or several stages at the request of the client instead of taking charge of the entire process of designing and programming software on demand. SiciX will fully coordinate with your requirements to produce the most effective and quality products. The software IT Outsourcing service package is a useful solution for clients at peak times, when you need to reduce the work load for your employees to focus on more important and urgent tasks.

2. Design Landing page, Website, Portal

Usually, companies will only use a certain number of employees in charge of technology – information. However, not all employees have enough professional skills and experience in the field of website design, mobile application programming, etc.

Choosing to use SiciX IT Outsourcing service will help you solve website-related problems on schedule, achieve the desired performance and operational efficiency. With nearly 20 years of experience in Software OutSourcing, SiciX team has enough knowledge, capacity and practical experience to create products that satisfy our clients.

3. Digital transformation software development

Today’s digital transformation software is extremely diverse and can be applied in almost any field such as state agency management, school management, business management, database management, etc. It is very difficult for companies to find a structured and functional management software that perfectly matches their operating model that is also simple to use. Using IT Outsourcing for digital transformation software at SiciX will help you create management software with suitable features and effectively handle accompanying databases.

4. Build software systems for businesses

In the same enterprise, each department has the need to use different means and tools. However, if they choose to use different types of software, task management, document transfer and information exchange between departments will encounter many difficulties.

Clients can choose software that is integrated with all functions for each department in accordance with the general operating model and process of the company. This software will help the tasks take place quickly, smoothly and achieve the desired results.

Are you wondering which provider is the best for IT Outsourcing Services?

Are you looking for more information to make a decision?

SiciX is the perfect choice for your business!

We are one of the reputable and professional IT Outsourcing service providers. SiciX has been and is the first choice of many partners in all 63 provinces and cities across the country and internationally such as the US, Japan and Canada.

SiciX’s IT Outsourcing service is based on a solid technological foundation with the best solutions for IT management, technical accounts and strategic planning for IT teams. We have built a consistent and thorough process right from receiving customer information to implementation.

SiciX has a team of experienced, dynamic IT professionals with the skills and knowledge to help operate your IT system efficiently. The team of SiciX experts will advise on the right solutions to help develop your IT systems, security solutions, and support to reduce problems and improve reliability, performance and resiliency of IT systems in the enterprise.

SiciX confidently brings satisfaction to all customers in all industries and commits to being the provider of high-quality IT human resource development solutions.



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