Accouting and finance management modul – ERP management software

Accounting and financial management software for businesses creates a centralized server where all the essential financial information is stored. The server is accessible from different devices and can only be accessed by authorized people. This system demonstrates transparency by having only one unified source of information, making tracking easier and faster.

Financial Management – Accounting software allows users to create account configurations according to the characteristics of their company. Depending on user needs, users can create  automatic accounting diagrams, automatic conversions, and automatic reports . For each pre-configured transaction, accountants only need to check and review the entries and the data will be updated to the financial statement and cash flow statement. With detailed account configuration for each sub-account or object, the system can obtain a  detailed profit and loss report  for each item, contract, or project.

Books, papers, and data related to financial – accounting issues at businesses, organizations, or especially at hospitals and clinics always cause headaches, fatigue, and unavoidable problems for managers. get errors. This poses difficult requirements for the management team in effectively solving the operating process, especially the accounting management. Facing these difficulties, SiciX’s X-ERP Financial Management – Accounting software module was born to remove bottlenecks in financial and accounting management activities for businesses.

SiciX’s X-ERP Financial-Accounting Management software module solves problems such as:

✔Manage suppliers and employees; handle duplicate suppliers

✔Confirming invoices payable from domestic and foreign purchases; from service purchases, fixed finance and from import tax returns to warehouse receipts.

✔Bank loan management: short-term, long-term

✔Manage the bank sub-book to compare with the detailed account balance by bank on the system at the end of the day, detailing the amount of VAT on imported goods.

✔Helps to manage customers, sales invoices, debt age based on payment term, term deposit in bank.

✔ Make invoices from the sales module (gift, liquidation, ..) to the return invoice.

✔ Collection of sales and other revenues (no subject tracking)

✔ Other expenses, providing capital for branches to operate.

✔ Managing the closing process at the end of the period

SiciX is confident to be the best provider of Financial Management – Accounting solutions under the best X-ERP Enterprise Resource Management software for businesses. Not only bringing economic efficiency but also helping to save time and effort of organizations and businesses.

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