SiciX celebrates international women’s day 8/3 with the contest “Aristic flower arrangements”

Happy March 8th

SiciX man go in and out…

March comes with a warm atmosphere of love.

March is not as busy as spring in February, not as hot as summer in May, not as melancholy as autumn in August, not as cold as in winter in October.

March comes with full of love and is also the month of women – the beautiful half of the world is honored and respected.

On the morning of March 7, in the excitement and excitement of the whole world, giving the best and sweetest things to women, SiciX Technology Joint Stock Company solemnly organized the ARTISTIC COMPET ART with the show of talent from men.

The contest was divided into 2 parts: Flower arrangement and product presentation with the participation of brothers from 3 Project Implementation Teams, Hai Phong & Back Office.

Over the first 30 minutes of the contest, we witnessed the ingenuity, creativity, and enthusiasm being breathed through their hands.
Without an appointment, both Team Hai Phong & Project Deployment have the same props as sunflowers full of vitality. But through your hands, each team brings a product presented in its own way. As for Team BackOffice, you bring a boat of flowers with pink color full of romance and love. The creativity, originality and meticulousness for each petal helped to score points with the Jury.

In particular, the presentation of the contest products of the 3 teams brought to the judges and the sisters from one surprise to another. If Tien Dat of SiciX Hai Phong brings a message filled with faith and hope of sunflowers and the purity and innocence of marble petals, Duy Hiep of Project Deployment Team will lead us. Going back in history to find the origin of March 8, sunflowers always face the sun, never against the sun, representing good friendship. Finally, the presentation of Mr. Duy Huu representing Team Back Office, thanks to his talent of borrowing the wind to break bamboo shoots, he made the whole audience feel lost in the sea with waves, with Xuan Quynh, with Boat & Em. The roses represent the beautiful women of SiciX, are the foundation, a solid rear for you to be ready to fight,

After hours of stressful, thrilling, and brainstorming moments of the jury, the organizers announced the final results of the contest:

  • First prize – The reward of VND 1,000,000 went to Team BackOffice with a total score of 315
  • Second prize – Prize worth 500,000 VND + Donate 500,000 VND of the Board of Directors went to the Project Implementation Team with a total score of 314 points.
  • Third prize – Prize worth 300,000 VND + Donate 500,000 VND of the Board of Directors went to Team Hai Phong with a total score of 307

On the occasion of March 8, with more than a thousand words of love, SiciX has sent lovely flowers, gifts, and greeting cards to all of you – the bright pink balls of SiciX – Wishing you all more and more youthful and successful. work & 365 days full of love and happiness. Thank you for coming & accompanying SiciX.

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