Combining extensive knowledge and experience in deploying and developing application software, and providing a suite of solutions to maximize work efficiency, SiciX Technology Joint Stock Company provides software development services . SiciX software for businesses, organizations and companies.

Sicix software development services serve in many fields and industries such as: finance – banking, healthcare, education, real estate, oil and gas, insurance, sports, press – events, communication communication, retail, beauty, fashion, clinic, healthcare, etc.

Some outstanding software services of SiciX:

– ERP software: Ledger management, debt management, cash flow management, asset management, etc.

– Human Resource Management Software HRM: Recruitment management, personnel records management, salary management, timekeeping;

– CRM Customer Relationship Management software: Customer information management, sales management, contract management, product management;

– Work Management Software: Process management, support request management, team and individual workspaces;

– Electronic Office software: Manage dispatches, chats, internal communications, document folders;

– Enterprise target management software: Manage assigning targets, decomposing administrative targets, analyzing and predicting trends, evaluating and adjusting results;

– Project Management Software;

– Incident claim management software;

Based on international implementation methodologies and crystallization of rich implementation experience according to each corporate culture, industry specificity, and legal regulations in Vietnam, Sicix is ​​proud to be the supplier that brings the best products. quality products to ensure the fastest, most efficient and most effective progress for customers.

In addition, SiciX provides consulting services on the application of key IT software systems for businesses, organizations, companies and application software packages.

In particular, with experience in the field of advanced and high technology and in-depth industry knowledge, SiciX can help customers develop software according to all requirements, from idea to application operation with assurance but the following criteria:

– Innovative software development ideas;

– Design layout, graphics, effects;

– Collect and analyze data;

– Testing, experimenting, delivering and guiding software administration;

– Easy to administer (Admin) and use (user);

Full features, flexible customization, tight layout and decentralization;

– Application source code suitable and compatible with many types of digital devices (PC, Laptop, Mobile, ..);

– Minimize vulnerabilities in application security;

– Update new version for free;

With SiciX’s software development service, customers can receive practical benefits such as optimizing working time, saving costs, easy management, having all questions answered and supported. 24/7 inquiries from SiciX customer support,…

We look forward to approaching and serving our partners and customers to make the administration work easy to understand, easy, fast, economical and effective. That, not only brings benefits to businesses, but also contributes to building and developing the country’s economy.

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