Tips for designing websites with SEO standards

To increase organic website visits , increase brand credibility and save costs; Every business is trying to design a website with its own features , beautiful and attractive design Therefore , in order to evaluate a good website it is necessary to follow the principles and standard SEO website design is to comply with those principles.   

So, what are those standard SEO design criteria?

  1. Domain Name: The domain name set needs to be related to the Website content, even in the domain name appearing a few main keywords in the content is a strong point. Also, a domain name should be in use for as long as possible.  
  2. Hosting: Hosting needs fast speed, stability and high security. And hosting should be placed in the most targeted market of the business. 
  3. Website speed: Loading speed will affect the reach and access of users. Because if the web load speed is too slow, users will not have enough patience to wait but will stop to switch to another website. 
  4. Website interface: The face of the brand and corporate culture is clearly shown through the Website interface. The interfaces are appreciated as simple, good looking, full of features that businesses aim for. So an ideal Website should have: 
    • Website/business name, Logo and Slogan 
    • Unique and relevant content and images 
    • The color follows the main color framework of the business 
    • Full of necessary functions such as: information, search, contact, … 
  5. Content: One of the most important elements of a website is content. The content should have the desired business goals, user-oriented, SEO-standard content. Especially to attract, Website content must be rich, suitable for the mentioned field and need to be regularly updated on the Website and other social platforms. 
  6. Design suitable for mobile version: To increase user reach, Website needs to be designed to be user-friendly not only on desktop but also on mobile devices. Because now, users can access anytime, anywhere, any device to find what they need.  

7. High security: To avoid information theft or virus infection, the Website needs to be highly secure, even absolute. This helps businesses avoid the impact on reputation and brand image quality.

8. URL optimization: When looking at the URL, users can immediately know what content they are visiting the website about. Therefore, the article title or main content, keywords, description should be encoded in the URL.

9. Links to Other Websites: The reliability of the Website is an indispensable criterion in the Website evaluation process. With the above criteria, you are still not enough to convince users to trust 100%. What makes the Website more reliable is that the references are linked to the information, the Website is authentic and has high credibility.

10. Display Title and description on search results: When users look up and get results, they will look at Title and description to make access choices. Therefore, titles and descriptions need to be short, complete and attractive to users.

Without experience, it will be difficult to evaluate a good Website. The above are important criteria to design a standard SEO website in accordance with the principles to help increase visits, increase brand awareness, save costs and especially improve the ability to Top Google.  


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