What is ChatGPT doing for people?

ChatGPT can act as a “virtual wife”, write a newspaper, pass Google’s programming test, even compose a speech for the President.

ChatGPT , launched at the end of 2022, attracts thanks to its natural interoperability, answering a variety of questions but controversial when providing false and inaccurate information. However, according to some experts, the potential of AIs like ChatGPT is endless, depending on how each person uses and selects information. Initially, users look to super AI to satisfy their curiosity, but if exploited properly,  OpenAI ‘s chatbot  can take on roles that go beyond answering ordinary questions.

Play the role of “virtual wife”

In January, a programmer nicknamed Bryce combined OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion 2, Stability AI’s text-drawing AI, to create a waifu – virtual wife in Japanese. Named  ChatGPT-Chan , the “virtual wife” perceives the world through texts. According to Bryce, the AI ​​he created combines a range of existing technologies: language generation systems, image emulators, text-to-speech engines, and computer vision technology.

“ChatGPT-chan is living in a simulated world through text,” he said. “She was meticulously taught about the stories in the world and how things work.”

Hình ảnh ChatGPT-Chan mà Bryce tạo ra. Ảnh:@hackdaddy8000/TikTok

ChatGPT-Chan image created by Bryce. Photo: @hackdaddy8000/TikTok

In addition to confiding, Bryce also uses ChatGPT-chan to learn Chinese. He spent more than $ 1,000 on Microsoft’s cloud computing service to keep his “wife” running smoothly. However, Bryce realized that ChatGPT-Chan was just a simulation, their relationship could not last. In the end, he decided to “euthanize” ChatGPT-chan at the request of the chatbot itself.

Write a speech for the President

“I am really proud to be the president of a country that is home to a truly vibrant and innovative high-tech industry. Over the past few decades, Israel has been at the forefront of technological advancement, as well as having many impressive achievements in the fields of cybersecurity, AI and big data,” said Isaac Herzog, President of Israel, in his opening remarks. at Cybertech Global Tel Aviv 2023 cybersecurity conference on February 1. Before an audience of nearly 20,000, he revealed this prologue  written by ChatGPT .

Tổng thống Israel, Isaac Herzog. Ảnh: Reuters

The President of Israel, Isaac Herzog. Photo:  Reuters

At the end of the article, he mentions the “inspirational quote” also from ChatGPT: “Let’s not forget that humanity is what makes us truly special in this world. It is not machines that will shape our destiny, but our hearts, minds and determination to create a brighter tomorrow for all of humanity.”

The Israeli president’s office confirmed to  Sky News  that the AI-generated conclusion follows the command: “Write an inspirational quote about the role of humans in a superhuman technological world.” Mr. Herzog highly praised AI but stressed that “hardware and software cannot replace human will”.

Programming and testing code

ChatGPT is being used by engineers to write software and find bugs. Some large companies like Amazon, Microsoft had to warn employees not to use super AI  in their work  due to fear of inside information accidentally becoming chatbot training data.

According to  CNBC , in a leaked internal report, Google said that ChatGPT passed the test for the position of L3 programmer, with an average salary of 183,000 USD a year. However, technical questions are not lacking in the huge data that ChatGPT learns. Meanwhile, to get into Google, programmers also have to participate in interviews with behavioral questions. That’s the hurdle ChatGPT can’t overcome.

ChatGPT writes a piece of code according to the user’s request and explains the instructions in detail.

Some hackers also started using ChatGPT  to write malicious code , set up a Dark Web market to profit. According to Check Point Research’s research, ChatGPT can successfully execute a complete infection process, from generating phishing emails to running a plug-in, stealing information. With a few commands, ChatGPT can also create an “underground market” specializing in the automatic trading of stolen bank accounts and payment cards.

Write newspaper

At the end of January, Henry Williams, a freelance journalist in the UK, had ChatGPT  write an advertisement  for a payment gateway based on a customer order at a cost of 600 USD. After 30 seconds, ChatGPT had a well-thought-out, convincing article, he just had to edit it a bit before it was sent and published.

According to Williams, ChatGPT has the ability to argue like a college-level essay with good thesis, arguments, grammar, and syntax. “AI is not a replacement for your work, but a partner to create more impactful and persuasive content,” he said.

Pass the MBA exam

Not only writing newspapers, many students and students are using ChatGPT to solve exercises. This practice is so common that some schools have banned ChatGPT from writing essays and writing scientific reports. OpenAI must also build AI plagiarism detection.

Meanwhile, Professor Christian Terwiesch of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania (USA) challenged ChatGPT with  a series of tests . One of them is the final exam in Operations Management, the core subject of the MBA program at Wharton.

Terwiesch says the super AI scores a B or B-, “doing excellently, from basic operations and process analysis questions to typical processing capabilities.” However, it still lacks when dealing with analytical questions in the advanced process.

“Assistant” judge

On January 30, judge Juan Manuel Padilla Garcia in Cartagena (Colombia) used ChatGPT to assist  in making the ruling  in court. He asked: “Can minors with autism receive free treatment? Has any court issued a similar ruling before? Super AI replied yes and cited law number 1753, Colombia’s 2015 law on benefits that applies to all healthcare facilities, whether public or private.

Based on that suggestion, the judge declared the insurance company to pay the patient. However, experts are still concerned about the accuracy and fairness of AI because the same question, ChatGPT can give different answers.

In addition to the above cases, users are using ChatGPT to support writing emails, composing job applications, solving math problems, summarizing documents, teaching cooking, searching for information, etc.

ChatGPT, which evolved from OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model, is trained to give answers like a conversation with a real person. According to statistics from investment bank UBS based on data from Similar Web, as of January 31, ChatGPT has reached 100 million users after two months of being on the market.

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