Digital transformation is a powerful trend of global enterprises.

  • Applying digital technology is an inevitable trend of businesses
  • Digital transformation helps businesses improve efficiency and enhance competitiveness.
  • According to a survey by Cisco, up to 75% of businesses include digital transformation in their strategy, but only 15% are capable of realizing such transformation.

In digital transformation – the period where “Fast fish eats slow fish”, businesses with a methodical, fast and relevant digital transformation strategy will gain advantage in the race.

The members of SiciX’s consulting team, in each position, are all senior consultants with deep expertise, possessing many years of practical experience in the field of IT, consulting transformation solutions. Digitalization supports businesses to develop comprehensively by digitizing all business operations.

SiciX brings a comprehensive digital transformation solution to help businesses simplify administrative activities, maximize work efficiency and solve difficult operational problems, specifically:

  • Managing and operating the overall business on 1 system
  • Link and operate workflows automatically
  • Scientific work planning and control to optimize performance
  • Update reports 24/7 to help you stick to your goals and make quick decisions.

All of SiciX’s solutions are highly appreciated by customers, partners, businesses as well as experts, through actual implementation projects, ensuring support for organizations and units in improving operating efficiency and maximum resource saving.

SiciX is honored to receive recognition from partners, customers, and prestigious organizations in the IT field. SiciX is committed to doing its best, accompanying organizations and businesses on the journey of digital transformation and maintaining its position as the leading excellent digital transformation enterprise in Vietnam. 

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