The 4.0 technology revolution opens a new digital era with many opportunities and challenges that require all businesses to choose for themselves the right digital transformation direction and solutions to adapt and develop sustainably.

Understanding the difficulties preventing many businesses from the digital transformation, SiciX is proud to be a provider of COMPREHENSIVE – REPUTABLE digital transformation solutions with a software ecosystem possessing many preeminent features such as Task Management Software, Human Resource Management, E-office or Process Digitization to solve all management problems for your business.

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Organization shall easily manage all personnelwith the support of a strict and scientific process with many integrated modules such as: Timekeeping management, Payroll, Human resource information, review and recruitment.


The system fully integrates features to serve the purpose of processing official dispatches, papers, exchanging internal information and gradually building a digital corporate culture.


A powerful tool to help managers easily track all work and projects of each individual and department on a single platform.


Effective solutions to help businesses optimize customer care and management process, while enhancing service experience and revenue breakthrough.


With the orientation of growing into the top prestigious organization in the technology market, SiciX has always been innovating, applying advanced technology and creativity in each product, service, customer experience with the best quality.

  • Is your business struggling to find digital transformation solutions?
  • Are your business in need of designing a mobile app to reach customers in no time?
  • Are your business looking forward to upgrading and developing your business ”s software to meet new demands and requirements?
  • Or the project suddenly poured in and your business is in urgent need of personnel to deploy that project?

Don”t worry – SiciX is with you and your business!

SiciX provides a network of services: Digital transformation solutions consulting, Software development, Mobile App design & Providing high quality IT human resources.

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