The Sales Plan Management feature is a comprehensive solution to help businesses optimize sales and boost revenue, allowing businesses to optimize their customer relationships by focusing their sales efforts on the most profitable customers, customer groups, and products.

In addition, sales planning allows businesses to align their resource mapping with the business plan and global goals of the business because the plans developed by an employee or a person in charge will vary from level to level.


Partition Management

🔰 Supports users in the management of all employees’ activities. At the same time the data stored in an operation will be an important source of information that can be shared with the employees involved.

Operations Management

🔰Provides regional management function to help businesses organize sales markets according to the criteria they selected

🔰 Allows users to assign employees to areas of responsibility based on the organizational model of the business, helping managers create plans, analyze sales targets, track sales performance according to regions and salespeople in that region.