SiciX Platform applies breakthrough management solutions with many outstanding features, helping businesses improve production and business efficiency, save costs, solve all management problems and develop sustainably.

Outstanding solutions

SiciX Platform


SiciX-eOffice serves as an internal social network to enable members to interact and communicate professionally and in a timely manner. 

Human capital management

SiciX-HCM provides effective and comprehensive results by integrating reporting and data collection tools in real time to help make timely and accurate decisions.

Work management

SiciX-Workplace focuses on the user’s customization ability to serve the diverse work management needs of many business models.

Customer relationship management

SiciX-CRM provides an effective solution for managing and improving customer service with the criterion of putting customers at the center, mainly focusing on the goal of helping businesses interact with customers in the best way.

Production planning

SiciX-PP manage production and business activities related to factories and workshops in businesses; directly participate in planning, monitoring the progress of the production process to ensure the delivery of goods on time, meeting the requirements of quantity, quality standards according to the plan.

Procurement management

SiciX-eProcument helps businesses manage the entire bidding process by allowing direct bidding on the system. Our solution makes the bidding work of enterprises more efficient and transparent. Therefore, stakeholders shorten the bidding time with the most optimal cost.

Accounting management

SiciX-Accounting supports enterprises to process and manage financial and accounting operations quickly and effectively with automation technology on the digital platform, helping to save costs, optimize resources, and replace traditional management methods.

Plant maintenance

SiciX_PMis a module that helps enterprises to easily monitor and manage the maintenance status of equipment and assets according to each machine category, equipment and area, helping enterprises to control the quality of service of the maintenance unit.

Planning & Consolidation management

SiciX-BPC is a solution that helps businesses to create, execute and monitor the performance of their business goals and strategies. It enables businesses to align their vision, mission and values with their strategic objectives and actions. Planning & Consolidation Management is a powerful tool for improving business performance, efficiency and competitiveness.

Health-Safety-Environment management

SiciX-HSE is a comprehensive management approach that includes processes, policies and procedures designed to ensure safety, health, minimize risk, and ensure a safe working environment and healthy.

Smart Management Report

SiciX-Dashboard smart management reporting system – Dashboard is a management reporting solution for businesses based on digitized data. SiciX – Dashboard has available management reports for each section, and also allows users to build their own management reports as desired.

SiciX’s team of experts and engineers is experienced in developing digital software products with the best quality and service, committed to product quality, project progress, information security and technology updates.


of our team hold degrees from leading universities in Vietnam


of our specialists and engineers master the English language in their domain


of our specialists and engineers have earned professional qualifications as required by Microsoft, IBM

Save costs – Improve performance

Comprehensive solution on one platform, strict process management, integrated real-time data collection and reporting tools, flexible customization according to needs and updated with the latest technology.

Suitable for all sizes and fields

Allows the development of independent applications suitable for businesses’ business needs, creating a complete digital transformation ecosystem with many features and suitable for most types of businesses.

Experience goes digital

Friendly interface, seamless experience, easy login on devices, access anytime, anywhere, multi-language support (Vietnamese, English), quick internal communication, improved user experience client experience.

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